CGA Member meeting

Monday Feb 26th 2018

The meeting began at 6:34 pm with 12 current members in attendance and 5 prospective members.

First item was distribution of the financial summary from each show.  They will also be posted on the website as well. 

The shows will be returning to Sundays with a 10 am start time.  The following schedule was proposed:

 April 22nd, May 20th,June 24th , July 22nd , August 26th , September 23rd , Play Day October 21st

All shows will be held at Moonracer Farms at 315 Shrub Rd, Bristol, CT 06010 unless members have a preference for another location.  Their new location has ample room for parking and can accommodate a large amount of riders.

This last year was a learning process, So in an effort to return the club to the proper structure, all 6 positions will be open for election.  Nominations for the positions should be either emailed to or via Facebook messenger from the CT Gymkhana Facebook page by March 6 and elections will be held at the follow up meeting on March 19th. For those unable to attend the meeting, a ballot form will be available for absentee voting.  We will post the members running for positions on our website. 

It was proposed that the rulebook be changed to revert to specific officer positions as opposed to one chairperson and up to 6 board members.  The following positions have been proposed:

Recording Secretary
Show Secretary
Ring Crew Supervisor
Membership Secretary

It has also been proposed that the age at which members may vote and hold office be reduced to 16 with parental approval.

The old bank account was closed so a new one will be opened for deposit of funds.

The timer is not working properly and Fay contacted the company that refurbishes them and they are unable to help.  It is time to replace it but it should cost less than $1000 to replace.   

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm

CGA Club Meeting Minutes