CGA Series

June 23rd

10 am start 

9 am warmup
315 Shrub Rd, Bristol, CT

CGA Gymkhana~

Open - 4D
Novice - 3D (depending on amount of riders 15+)
(times must be slower than 4D)
PeeWee - Rider/lead line (1st-6th place)
$20 Side Pot in open (Cloverleaf, Dash, Poles)

*Dash, Cloverleaf, Poles, Cats cradle, Keyhole, Bleeding Heart, Straight Barrels, Big T, and/or Scurry
(all events are subject to scratch)
Peewee events
*Dash, Straight Barrels, Cloverleaf

50/50 Events
*Relay race, noodle race, sit’a’buck, and/or Carry the Mail

The splits in open will be as follow:
1D = Fastest time
2D = 1 second from the 1D
3D = 2 seconds from 1D
4D = 3.5 seconds from 1D

*1D = 16.0
*2D = 17.0
*3D = 18.0
*4D = 19.5

Open Will Pay 1st 2nd 3rd 4th place
If there is no winner in a place the money will be redistributed in that division. (ALL MONEY WILL BE PAID OUT!!!!)
Novice to be determined based on total in division
Entry fee per 1 horse 1 rider combination
100% payout of added money
80% of entry fees payout
In case of tie money will be divided equally
$10 per class and $5 office fee
$5 non-member fee
Per rider horse combination
Cash only event !!!
If there is any question on payout/placing please come to registration Booth ASAP thank you :)